Site rules

How many photos can I upload per one collection?

You can upload 3 photos if you are not a premium user and 5 if you are. You can also add more photos paying an additional cost. 


What photos can I upload?

You can upload photos that you took yourself, without logos or frames. If your photos contain logos or frames they will not be submitted.  


How can I advertise as a photographer? How can I get to the list on the "Photographers" page?

You can get premium features where you will have your own profile, will be able to upload 5 photos per collection and many other advantages. More info here.


I can't find my city in the list of cities during registration.

You can choose any other city in your country and register. After that you can e-mail us at and we will add your city to our database, you can change it in your profile anytime.


How do I know that my photos are submitted?

After you pay fee and upload minimum 1 image then the 'submit' button appears. You can also delete or change any image you submitted before the deadline.


How do I know that my photo is selected or not?

If your photo is chosen during competition it appears here on the main page


How many times can I participate in the award?

You are recommended participating in Award every month because at the end of the year we count all the awards and make a rating of best wedding photographers worldwide.


Why my photos become darker after uploading?

The website stripes the color profile because it is ignored by web browsers online, hence the color change. For getting rid of the image "color profile" with the help of Photoshop you should choose "file → save for web". The "save for web" in Photoshop or any editing program will read the information in the color profile and apply it to the image. After that you may upload images without losing colors.


What about copyrights?

All uploaded photographs belong to their owners. We don't have the right and don't use it anywhere else,  only on our website and on our Instagram profile


I still have questions

Write to us on