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Rajvinoth Jothineelakandan

Chennai (India)

I head the photo and video division of Atlhea which simply means- "And they lived happily ever after" , All we want to do is to capture the best moments as portraits and films.

I have been in the industry for over 15 years and have shot all across the world. My journey with the lens and books started from photo journalism, now I got more close with the lens than the books ;)

minimum price 250 $ for 1 hour of work
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Rajvinoth Jothineelakandan About

In all my photographs I would always try to capture the natural ambiance and the expressions. After the Engagement Ceremony the couple complemented each other. I Just Captured Their Lovely Expression with Venues Ambiance.

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Rajvinoth Jothineelakandan About

Been a long and sunny day of travel, finally we checked in the property to get some sun set shots, but unfortunately the climate was not in favor of us, so we pushed the shoot to the dark, we found a lovely Camel but we exposed the camel with warm lights, and the bride was particular matching herself with the surroundings so we chose this costume, a little heavy on the work , but the tune of the orange and dark peach shades blended well for the night. The pose and the camel was very impromptu, the camel left the place as soon we heard the click :-) we are indeed luck to get such lovely capture.

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