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Barbara Rahal

Edmonton (Canada)

I’m Barb. My business card says that I’m a wedding photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta… but really, I simply do what I’m most passionate about: bringing out people’s ‘awesome’. Sometimes that happens with a little camera magic, but usually the ‘awesome’ has a way of spilling out as we become friends, celebrate together, and share some laughs.

Every journey includes plenty of unexpected detours and adventure, and mine started in Santiago, Chile (where I was born), took me around the world, and has landed me in Edmonton, where I live with my love (who I met while we were both on a travel adventure)

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I was scouting at Kinbasket Lake the day prior to the wedding and I say the skulls hanging in the cabin...the owner saw me, saw my face and he knew I wanted them. Then he proceed to tell me a story how another couple have borrow them for a few photos the previous year and then I thought well I guess I can ask.? The next day I came back with Anastasia and Don, shot around the lake and at the end before we left, I asked...can we borrow the skulls for one last portrait, he smiled big, pick the ladder and grab them for us!! I think he was so happy we did ask, and so was I. This is one of my favourite portraits of the year.

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