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Colin Coleman

Philadelphia (United States)

Philadelphia based, World bound. To me, weddings are my couple's next chapter - when two stories join into one. I really make an effort to learn their stories that lead them to tying the knot and becoming the illustration to the first chapter of their new adventure.

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This photo was shot at a local golf club in Easton, PA - I was actually covering this wedding for a really good photographer friend of mine who was related to the groom and finally had an opportunity to sit back and enjoy a wedding for once. We were finishing up bridal portraits after the ceremony and I saw hills, clouds and an opportunity for a silhouette with the bridal party - something I wanted to do for a really long time but either the variables for this didn’t line up or my bridal party was way too big for it to make sense.
My thought process went something like this - I remember sort of panicking at first because there were no clean hill lines and I didn’t want to make my group walk too far but when I saw this space, I knew we had a shot at something outside of the box and something possibly a little better then just lining them up for a quick shot. I shot this with a 70-200mm at 200mm so I could pull the sky in as close as possible to the group. I used the tree as my middle point and a subtle symbol of growth and togetherness and had the girls and guys pose in unison. This is the resulting shot of that part of the day!

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