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David Torres

Studio: David Torres Fotografie

Antwerpen (Belgium)

Hi there, I'm David. I'm not Superman, but I am INVISIBLE! Oh, and I also SHOOT people for a living. So you could say I'm a professional "HITMAN" too. :-) ... Can't tell you more, because then I'll have to shoot you! Please visit my website to see more of my images. I https://www.david-torres.be

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David Torres About

Beam me up Scotty!
The first thing a close friend said to me when he saw this picture was;
David, did you actually take this picture on board of the Starship Enterprise?
Well it’s fair to say this friend of mine has a special kind of humor, but when you look at this picture for the first time and with a fresh pair of eyes you could say it actually does have “A space Odyssey 2010” look, to it.
Anyway this picture was taking just minutes before the bride and groom took their wedding vows, and I just can’t stop thinking how peaceful and lovely they look in this image. True love does exist, when you look at these two love birds.

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David Torres About

A little crazy thing called love
Well I guess there’s nothing really much to say about this picture, except for the fact that we all had great laughs taking/making it. Off course we had several practice runs before taking the actual picture, and believe me we never stopped laughing not even for a minute. I think we're all going to remember this actual moment for a really long time. I don’t really know why but I think I’m gonna call this one “A little crazy thing called love!” ,...it just feels right! :-)

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