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Dory Chamoun

Montréal (Canada)

I'm a Montreal based professional photographer specializing in weddings and other life events. I'm passionate about photography and love what I do. :)

minimum price 250 $ for 8 hours of work
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Dory Chamoun About

I absolutely love long veils like these. When I saw the beautiful light coming in from the window and that gorgeous veil, I could not resist but to capture it.

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Dory Chamoun About

Lindsay and Andrew have such an amazing chemistry together. They always make each other laugh and are so much fun to shoot. But beneath all that laughter, there is a strong long. I loved capturing this kiss and of course, her stunning long veil in the wind.

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Dory Chamoun About

"I've been looking
for you since I heard
my first fairytale"

This was a gorgeous wedding in Mont Tremblant, Quebec. I loved the light coming into the suite and the dress. I wanted to show the bond between a bride and her dress.

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