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Gwen Courtman

Verona (Italy)

I am a destination photographer based in Italy but love to travel anywhere for a wedding. I have been photographing weddings for over 15 years and I love my job. Everyday I wake up excited about the weddings and what I'll capture on the day.

minimum price 500 $ for 4 hours of work
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This couple were such a joy, they were happy to take a few minutes away from the evening party to get some romantic photos by Lake Garda, Italy.

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We snuck away from the wedding reception for a few minutes just before dark to get some romantic lakeside photographs. This was taken on Lake Garda, Malcesine, Italy.

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This wedding took place on the top of Malcesine Castle, Italy. The couple were very shy but very much in love which made for a great day for photos and a great wedding.

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This fantastic couple wanted a quiet few minutes alone from the excitement of the wedding and took a walk from the reception to this jetty for a romantic moment. Taken on Lake Garda, Italy. Wedding planner www.lakegardaweddings.com

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This beautiful coupled travelled to Italy from all the way fromScotland for a romantic destination wedding. What an amazing venue they found, Malcesine Castle, lake Garda , Italy. We only had a short time for photos due to a storm coming in , but the couple made every couple count.

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This photo was taken just before a big storm on Lake Garda. The light was just shining through a gap in the clouds which is just hitting the bride's face. It was a race against time to get to the balcony before the clouds moved, but we did it just in time.

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