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Sivachelvan Jeyaseelan

Studio: iklickimage

London (United Kingdom)

I consider myself as a very passionate photographer, my passion for wedding photography is limitless even though I love to do landscape and nature photography on my free times. These three genre of photography has its own characters, styles and details and time to time check the patient levels. I love capturing wedding in particular because of the tense, non-repeating moments which adds so much characters and values to the photography. I have been doing wedding photography for 2 years and still learning new techniques everyday. Photography is all about implementing new ideas and bring that inner limitless imagination to a presentable image.

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Sivachelvan Jeyaseelan About

First of all, I would I like to thank my beautiful couples for giving me such an opportunity to shoot in Sri Lanka and for being patience with my commanding, sometimes it can be an event itself. We roughly had about 30 minutes window to capture the sunset and being in a tourist place ( Galle fort ) can be extremely difficult as you can imagine everyone want the sunset. We pulled this just in time with good support from my friends and of-course the beautiful couples . I take this opportunity to thank everyone behind this shot.

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