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Jerry Tomko

Philadelphia (United States)
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After booking Danielle and Joe for their November 2015 wedding, Danielle started talking to me about themed engagement photos in Philadelphia. I will be honest none of my couples ever requested this before, so I was all game for the idea. Danielle knows exactly what she wants, so we set a date for a very brisk in chilly day in March to do the themed engagement photo session. She wanted to start off in Franklin Square Park in Philadelphia and when I showed up they had on these amazing outfits depicting the 20’s for their session. Unfortunately the people at Franklin Square Park were not real cooperative, the park was empty, it was cold, and they give us a hard time about photographic pictures there; until we paid $100 permit which I felt absolutely ridiculous! However once we started taking pictures and I saw the potential for the session, we all quickly forgot about it! The carousel spun around and around, I could see the Danielle and Joe were having a lot of fun, to they were in their own little world. After we were done there we went down to Broad Street to to capture the iconic Broad Street pictures with City Hall in the background. However Danielle surprised me with a real cool hat for herself in a coordinated coat, accessorized with an old-fashioned suitcase. These accessories really made the pictures on Broad Street something special. After wrapping up with some individual pictures against mural wall, the couple had about enough because it was really cold. After the session, I became more excited to photograph their wedding in November because I could see that this was a couple that really cared about their pictures and went to great lengths just plan out their engagement session. This whole relationship with this couple I could tell was good to be a lot of fun!

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