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Jerson Navasca

San Diego (United States)

Self-taught photographer from San Diego. Love to create, capture, and share photos that people will fall in love.

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Jerson Navasca About

This was captured at Imperial Sand Dunes in Brawley, CA. Two of my friends asked me to shoot their wedding engagement and this was one of the spots we chose to shoot at. It was just perfect timing getting that sun right below them. Truly honored to capture something magical like this for them and grateful for the opportunity.

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Jerson Navasca About

This was captured at Solona Beach in San Diego, CA. I always enjoy capturing and creating moments when I do wedding engagements. I really wanted to make this photo look like a painting. Everythings looks so surreal, that's why it's amazing. Got to love living in San Diego where you can get great captures at a beach.

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