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Jeshuran G

Vellore (India)

A Wedding Photographer from India , I love to travel and capture subtle and memorable moments candidly. Quit my full time profession to take up Photography and do what I love doing, havent looked back ever since. Totally honored to see the work and talents of so many other Photographers across the world!

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Jeshuran G About

They believed in Love that would make them last against the raging seas!
Shot this picture for a beautiful couple, on the shores of the Bay of Bengal in Chennai, India..
The sun was setting behind us and we just managed to shoot this beauty as the waves were retreating

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Jeshuran G About

Love that stands the test of time! Shot this in the historical and ancient beach temple at Mahabalipuram in Chennai, India. The silhouette perfectly showcases their Love while the ancient architecture stares in awe of them.

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