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Kendra Wilhelm

Studio: Southern Sisters Photography

Corpus Christi (United States)

I love my job! I freak out if I don't get to work AT LEAST 4 days out of the week. I'm pretty active. You kind of have to be in order to be a great photographer (and mom).

I laugh at myself more often than not. My sister and I work together; we've been told multiple times that we need our own reality show. We are six years apart, complete opposites, and make the BEST team when it comes to shooting together.

I love the occasional adult beverage. (and by occasional, I mean at least twice a week)... again, cue "mom role".

My husband and I are eight years and two children into our marriage. It is incredible and only gets better every day. I want everyone to hold on to their loved one and never let go, no matter how hard life gets.

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Kendra Wilhelm About

The Faith Lutheran Church in Beeville, TX traces its history back over 120 years of life through four congregations which have been united through the process of merger. My goal was to capture an image worthy of its history. This particular shot helped me hide the bright red carpet and bring focus back to the couple, cross, and architectural elements surrounding their union.

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Kendra Wilhelm About

This adorable duo stole my heart at the Tondre wedding. The little Texas cowboy was more than intimated when his time came to walk the flower girl down the isle. With tears in his eyes, he held her hand, held his head up high, and walked on.

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