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Keoni Michael Esteban

Honolulu (United States)

Breathtaking imagery paired with authentic emotions sums up everything we strive to create.
I'm addicted to the challenge of shooting weddings and often use my camera to hide my tears throughout the day!

Keoni Michael is a destination wedding photographer based out of Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Keoni Michael Esteban About

Sara & Trevor were such an amazing couple and it was an honor to capture not only their wedding but also their engagement shoot! Hawaii has some of the most amazing backdrops in the world but this was a real treat for me. They had a special place which they spent a ton of time together since high school in and it held a very special place in the hearts. What made this even more unique for me is that this was a private lot, completely hidden, and only known to them and their neighbors. Such a privilege to see a part of their world!
Ok... so how about that tree! I mean falling perfectly across the river was amazing and Trevor & Sara was totally game to climb it. I wanted draw the viewer's eye to them somehow rather than taking a straight on shot which led me in the water and towards the reeds which also helped me get rid of the flare I was getting from the sun. More than anything else I was blessed that the two of them loved the photo and weren't afraid of heights. :)

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