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Brett Yacovella

Cleveland (United States)

As the Founder and Creative Director of Making The Moment, a small intensely creative team of visual storytellers, Brett is a talented, passionate photographer. One of Cleveland's most sought after wedding photographers, Brett’s personal approach has helped him achieve a style all his own, with images full of life and personality.

Your wedding photographer is so much more than just a portfolio or a set of FAQs. Brett believes the heart of good wedding photography is a healthy relationship between a couple and their photographer and that your photographer should be your trusted sidekick on your wedding day.

You can learn more about Brett here: http://vimeo.com/makingthemoment/meet-brett

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Brett Yacovella About

It’s always the last 20 minutes of a couples session that truly brings out the best art and story in my couples. Laura, David and I had spent a summer evening exploring the coastline, and to this point in the session I had kept them dry. With the setting sun spilling color and breathing life over the evening, I talked them into taking some creative risks with me.
I set them about 5 feet into the water, threw on my 24 Tilt, slowed the shutter speed a bit so I could show the motion of their run, and prepared to get wet. I coached them a bit on how I “saw” the image unfolding, and asked them to take a risk and kick up the water as they ran directly at me. We all laughed joyfully as my camera and I took most of the water.
It was so much fun, and well worth the sand and water damage to my 5D.

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