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Mike Riley

Exeter (United Kingdom)
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Aisha and Ali got married at Polhawn Fort in Cornwall, an atmospheric Napoleonic Gun battery over looking Plymouth Sound. It's a very dark venue but at least in some of the rooms there's a lovely contrasty light from the gun ports and windows which I used to make this image. For me its an example of just how good lovely light can look when everything comes together.

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Mike Riley About

Kelly and Craig had done the big entrance to their reception, coming down a magnificent staircase while friends and family lining the stairs showered them with confetti. At the bottom of the stairs Kelly knelt down to talk to some of the younger children who took the opportunity to throw their own confetti. I was kneeling down in the middle of the children as well. You can’t stage the story behind the image you can only hope to draw it out in the image. As a documentary wedding photographer I know that If I get in the middle of the action that image will tell the story of the day and show the emotions better than a long lens from the other side of the room or something just contrived for the camera

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