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Mirjam Van Eerde

Bodegraven (Netherlands)
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Mirjam Van Eerde About

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Mirjam Van Eerde About

Right after finishing the photo shoot in the beautiful city of Delft, the Netherlands, I walked behind the couple moving back to their car. The wedding couple marched through the city streets and I watched her dress moving very delicately behind her. Within this street, the moment appeared for a great photo having everything in it. The couple, the dress, the tiny shops, the biker... Can you get it more Dutch? All together leading to a wonderful picture

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Mirjam Van Eerde About

Richard and Leybra's day was beautiful yet rainy. The idea was to shoot photo's outdoor in the meadows but eventually we settled for the city hotel of Woerden in the Netherlands. A very pretty place.
Suddenly I saw these staircases with a tremendous appeal! I asked the wedding couple to give each other a big hug and before they knew it I was able to capture them in this frame. A great day it was indeed.

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