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Nelleke Stark

Utrecht (Netherlands)

Here a young woman, full of life and just married. Through my own experience of getting married, I know exactly what photo has to be taken. That moment you give your mum a hug, or when your love hold you tight or dries your tears. Wedding Photography is the best way for me to express my creativity. Every wedding I'm truly motivated to capture all the beautiful moments, but also the most crazy moments or sneaky, or what ever. I'm there for you to stole your moments back from time!

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Nelleke Stark About

I always work with a second shooter. This time it was so helpful to have her around. She was hidden in the background with her cellphone, so I could give her instructions for the couple. On this photo the groom is running towards his beautiful bride to hold her tight. The clean water was a gift, a few minutes later there was no reflection anymore because of the breeze.

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Nelleke Stark About

This image was taken just after the groom met his beautiful bride. The couple wanted to hit the road, but first they had to face one of the biggest challenges of the day: The car. With her huge dress, it definitely was one of the most hilarious moments. Especially when you want to look charming ;).
The white dress and the white clean car fascinates me, and then: there was that gorgeous smile :)

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