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Nik Thakar

London (Canada)

I am a professional Indian wedding photographer, specialising in Asian Sikh Muslim, English wedding photography.

I have always had a strong passion for wedding photography. I have been professionally shooting for many years.
The wedding day is the most special day for both of you, capturing the bride preparing for her special day can be magical. Every image taken expresses the emotions felt by the bride, groom,, and their loved ones.
I tailor my photography to the unique qualities of each couple. The events leading to the wedding day, and the wedding day itself is full of fun, humour and serious focus of encapsulating the moments.
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Nik Thakar About

It's been pleasure photographing beautiful Civil ceremony out the door. I had a great opportunity to take a lovely photo with the dark cloud in the sky with beautiful setup and very good looking couple. One of my favourite photo.

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Nik Thakar About

My first WEDAWARD made me and my couple very proud, This pre-wedding photo was taken at Brighton beach the UK, It was beautiful sunny day we had so much fun just walk at the beach taking many photos, As sun was going down we had really nice golden light we found awesome spot for perfect silhouette photo with beautiful birds in sky, This is one of my favorite pre-wedding silhouette photo with one of my favorite couple Hital and Jay.

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