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Nikolaos Axelis


Athens (Greece)

Story telling is my passion and my creative outlet.

Through Cinematography and Photography we express what we are thinking and feeling that words could never do.

We are based in UK and Greece but our passion takes us all around the world no matter the distance.

We are inspired by life, by music, by people, by common daily things.

The true beauty of Cinematography & Photography is that it connects people.

It carries a message, and we love to be... the messengers.

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Nikolaos Axelis About

One lovely couple in a shooting in the old palace forest in Athens.
Actually it was more like a friendly walk than a typical wedding shooting.
Maybe... that's why we had some great photos !

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Nikolaos Axelis About

We were in the middle of the wedding shooting when 1-2 horses appeared in the scene and they gave some really different result. The walking path, the strong shandows and the lovely couple made a different and unique photo captured ideal for black and white

35 collection