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Paulette Griswold

Palmer (United States)

We are a married photo team in love with documenting love. Photography is not only our passion, but it's how we met (partners in photography since 2003 and in life since 2008). We shoot all of our weddings together, bringing our own unique perspectives while riding the flow of a balanced partnership.

We value creativity, meaningful relationships, and FUN, and we enjoy meeting other couples who do too. We love new places, new faces, and the stories they have to tell - which means we're willing to travel anywhere. In fact, we specialize in wild and remote locations that speak to the adventurous heart. We believe weddings should be as unique as you are, and that the photographs should be as vivid and meaningful as the event itself.

Our goal is to continue growing as artists while documenting all of the ways people love each other and celebrate that love - and to make it a fun and relaxed experience built on real connections.

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Paulette Griswold About

This summer camp wedding put a fresh and breezy spin on tradition. This wedding gown had been worn by the bride's mother in 1985 and the bride's grandmother in 1949. The mother of the bride crafted the floral crown. Both of her parents were from large families that had actually attended Lourdes Camp as children. Everyone stayed in cabins the whole weekend, and the wedding was full of light and energy even deep into the night, as they reminisced around a bonfire under the stars.

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