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Peggy Laugs

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Meerssen (Netherlands)
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a perfect wedding in Meerssen (near by Maastricht) Netherlands.
Lovely couple, her enthusiasm was very contagious. Such a positive people.
It was a very rainy day, but that did not botter them at all. They enjoyed of everything and anyway.

The VW Van was a present from their family, they were very excited about that.
They liked it so much that it was hard to get them out of the Van. We drove another round. As I saw the location, I thought it would be a nice place to make photo's, so we stopped. And in a minute the donkeys came over to watch. Maybe they felt the positive energy of the loving couple.
The most I love of being a photographer is to travel and to meet new people, to listen hear and learn about their story's. This was a great day with a lot of interesting people!

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