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Rachel Leintz

Studio: Rachel Leintz photography

Mesa (United States)

Let's bring the drama!

From the venue to the flowers, from your shoes to your gown, your wedding is going to be EPIC. On this, the biggest day of your life, you need an artist that shares your vision. You need someone who can put it all together to create jaw-dropping, timeless photographs.

That's how you know:

You're a Leintz Bride!

Whether you've planned the perfect intimate gathering in the romantic gardens at the Royal Palms, or you're getting ready to make a grand entrance into a Phoenician ballroom. I'm your girl.

My style is a mix of the romance and drama you find in fine art photography and the poignant, grit that hallmarks photojournalism. With this powerful combination, my photographs will let you relive all the emotion and beauty of your wedding day, every time you look at them.

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Rachel Leintz About

Leah and Tyler had a fairy tale for their wedding inspiration - Beauty and the Beast! Red roses and lights filled the space. But this candle room was special. I added a little off camera flash to the space behind them and cooled the color in post. The result was a mythical capture that I adore! These two look like they are frozen in time in an epic love story!

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Rachel Leintz About

Sarah and Duke’s day was one of absolute joy. At the end of the day, the party was in full swing, but I saw these incredible lights and fantastic shapes in the trees of a courtyard. They trusted the vision and this was the third of three shots I took.
A beyond happy couple, a little backlight, and presto! Magic :)

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Rachel Leintz About

My first trip to Ireland was a dream and this image pretty much captures the entire feeling of the adventure! We took this just outside of Ardgillen Castle, north of Dublin. I pictured her as an Irish Fe (fairy) spiriting through the forest.

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Rachel Leintz About

Arizona sunsets are pretty magical. So when you can get your couple up and balanced on a wall to capture all the color and texture, it's pretty epic! It was about 110 degrees (not that you could tell with these two! - such troopers) and a monsoon was rolling in from the east. We captured this one just before the dust storm hit!

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Rachel Leintz About

Christie and Jesse's wedding was an epic gala, straight out of the Great Gatsby! Her gown and veil had wonderful texture and walking down the halls of the JW Marriott at Starr Pass, I noticed the fabulous, graphic symmetry of the hallway. I positioned Christie's face so that the overhead light would fall perfectly on her regal features and with a little post processing magic, got the saturation and the tone of the image to match the lush feel and color of their reception space.

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Rachel Leintz About

This gorgeous capture was taken just as the Arizona sun was setting and a sliver of it sliced through the evergreens and Palms by the rotunda. I had Nicole placed in the beam and had her dance! The amazing backlight just lit up her Calla Blanche gown!

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Rachel Leintz About

On the big day, here in the desert of Arizona, it actually rained from sun up to sun down! But Tai and Keith were real troopers :)

We were shooting at the Fairmont Princess resort, but because of the weather, I was forced to think creatively and look for hidden gem locations around the grounds I might have missed had it been a clear day.

This staircase shot was taken completely with available light. I was about three floors above them and directed Tai to lean into a little pocket a light that was streaming through a window on the second floor.

I love the texture the rain added to the floor of the staircase and the asymmetric shape. Never let a little drizzle dampen your mood on a shoot! Let the creativity flow!

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Rachel Leintz About

The setting for Emily and Matt's wedding was a mixture of the southwest desert landscape and a rustic, but elegant barn (where the reception was held). After the ceremony, we made our way out into the desert a bit. The sun was setting and I was able to capture that amazing flare, right at heart level, while framing them with the sharp edges of the desert and keeping a wonderfully shallow depth of field. This shot is an example of why I love it when brides wear veils. The highlights are shining through the sheer material and illuminating the details of the lace on her dress. It just added to the magic of the moment

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Rachel Leintz About

Mark and Lesley were in a bit of bind when they learned that there wedding in Florida was going to be canceled because of an incoming hurricane! They contacted Greg Wirth, at the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale Arizona, and he made magic happen in just 24 hours. He contact me to see if I was available for a last minute booking and I'm so glad I was. Lesley wore a gorgeous satin, Pnina Tornai gown. The soft, ethereal nature of the gown create a stunning contrast with the jagged, hard edges of the desert landscape in this shot. The sun was setting, and it just cast a buttery warmth over the entire shoot.

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