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Richard Policastro

Los Ángeles (Chile)
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This image is special to me because the couple that are featured are not only my clients but my closest and dearest friends. We all moved out to LA together from NY about 8 years ago, all with passions and dreams. It is amazing to watch all of us set goals and accomplish what we moved out here to do. Mine was to become a great wedding photographer, like my father. I can say that I am moving in the right direction. For Chris and Jenn to be featured in this shot makes everything come together. I remember I was shooting long exposures in downtown LA one night and the next day I showed Jenn one of the images (without people). She told me that when we shoot the engagement photos, she wants a picture just like that but with us standing in front. So thats what we did. It was a perfect night in LA, which it always is, and it was the last set of shots during their engagement session. Long exposures with people can be tricky but they were very still and the backdrop was flawless. My heart will always be in NY but I LOVE LA!

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