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Robert Van Ingen

Utrecht (Netherlands)

This is a day you will always remember. I want to take you to the next step. I am going to let you re-experience your wedding day.

Your wedding will be photographed from start to finish for as long as you like, without the feeling of a weary photographer behind you. As a result the photos will recall the atmosphere in a relaxed and spontaneous way. It could be on that exotic beach, in the unique church above the hill or just in your backyard. Furthermore, we will also have a conversation about your wishes before your wedding takes place. This is the moment for me to get to know you better. Thus, I will be able to understand you personally and take photos that fit perfect for you!

minimum price 1600 $ for 6 hours of work
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Robert Van Ingen About

This special moment in time was created on a late summer morning in The Netherlands. This lovely couple asked me how I could show their love for each other, while still seeing this beautiful landscape. This was my reaction to their warming hearts.

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Robert Van Ingen About

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