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Savanna James

St. Louis (United States)

Hi I'm Savanna!
I have an obsession for natural light and people who are madly in love. Growing up, I was always "that friend with the camera" and years later I decided to take an intro to photography as an elective in collage... It was history after that. Now, my life consists of wearing yoga pants every day, sleeping in, drinking large amounts of coffee and sweet tea, loving on my furbabies... one goldendoodle, one chocolate lab, and two kitties ( borderline animal hoarder I know), working on my new home with the love of my life, Brandon, and working with the best clients ever.

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Savanna James About

What started as a rainy day at the Historic Bell Hill Bed + Breakfast in Southern Illinois, ended with an absolutely beautiful Sunset. It was the middle of Kenji + Stephanie's wedding reception and I knew we couldn't pass up this gorgeous painted sky... so I snuck them out and I sent them off dancing.

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