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Shelly Welch

Vancouver (Canada)

My love of photography started when I was young. I found that capturing an image, a detail and freezing it in time very rewarding.
Fast forward to today, and I still love capturing moments. From the celebration of new love, to the commitment of a couple to a new baby and the beginning of life adventures as a family.
I am so privileged to document my client's milestones, and love every minute of what I do!

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Shelly Welch About

A beautiful day for a wedding in the Lower mainland of Beautiful British Columbia! Kirstin & Jeremy celebrated their day at a lovely lakeside venue. We took a few minutes to go off into the trees for some quiet time to capture this image as the sun started to go down for the day. I love the calm of this image as they wrap their heads around the fact that they are now Mr & Mrs. The beautiful backlight helps to capture that calm, and add an ethereal glow.

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