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Katrina Kubicina

Cleveland (United States)

Cleveland, Ohio based Wedding Photographer just living the dream!

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Tori and Bryan were one of my all time favorite couple’s to photograph, because they would do just about anything! Including climbing this huge Banyan Tree (and in a dress!) You can’t quite tell from this picture, but this tree was actually really huge. We were at Manoa Falls in Oahu and we were actually looking for a bamboo forest, but on our way there we saw this tree. It had a perfect little spot for them to stand in, and I was so thrilled this couple was game for it! The tree was just so magnificent and detailed and adding in this gorgeous couple such a cool shot! It was such a blast photographing them in Oahu, Hawaii!

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Katrina Kubicina About

This beautiful couple gave us an awesome tour of some of Downtown Cleveland’s most iconic places on their wedding day. This was one of our last stops before we had to head to their reception. Voinovich park is such a great location because it is right on the water, and you get this awesome view of some of Cleveland’s Hot Spots! I love how the groom is dipping her back just a little bit and you can see the beautiful lace details in her dress. They were such a fun Bride and Groom to photograph and this one definitely one of my favorite shots to give them!

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Katrina Kubicina About

Becca and Justin had a perfect fall wedding. We were so honored and happy to have been able to share in their special day, and capture all the beautiful moments that unfolded! This picture was one of the last shots we took before heading to the reception, and I knew we had to get it before we left. The Bride’s train on her wedding dress was absolutely stunning, and I wanted to showcase it. This photo was taken in Downtown Olmsted Falls, Ohio, at a very popular park, and we were so happy to have this area open to us for pictures that day. I love the woodsy background, and I love this picture in Black and White because it makes her dress pop that much more... her dress in all its glory!

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