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Pedro Volana

Jaén (Spain)

I´m Pedro, wedding Photographer. With photography I look for the essence of people and try to transmit in each image the feelings and emotions through simple looks, gestures, smiles.
In this way, photography becomes something magical, it is a way of seeing life.

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Pedro Volana About

There are times that deserve to be eternal as the look that this little girl gave us. A wonderful and unique memory of this wedding.

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Pedro Volana About

When I was taking a photo of the bride and groom inside the van, I noticed that the guests were looking attentively, and it occurred to me to tell them to make a "The Walking Dead" in front of the van. It was a very fun time and the result was spectacular

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Pedro Volana About

Under the starry skies they will be united forever...
This photo is very special to me, a month ago I lost my father and I wanted to be near the sky, planned this session and the result has been the best tribute possible.

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Pedro Volana About

Love takes you to that magical world where you are free to be and feel.
If you want pure love then go where pure love resides. Pure Love is the soul.

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Pedro Volana About

At a wedding there is a time for feelings, emotions,sensations...and also for great discoveries, like the one that made this child.

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