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Aaron Spagnolo

Studio: Spagnolo Wedding Photography

Boston (United States)

Aaron Spagnolo is recognized as one of the leading wedding photographers in the Boston area. Aaron’s wedding Photography work is the product of a distinctive blend of lightheartedness, casual posing, and years of experience. Couples like you continue to discover his award winning talent and abilities to capture the love and special moments on your wedding day. Known for his free spirit and unique approach, working with Aaron is a true pleasure: He doesn’t miss a beat while also blending in with the crowd.

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Aaron Spagnolo About

It’s that winter quiet in Boston, where all you can hear is the sound of snow falling, broken only by the occasional giggle and “I love you.” This was our bride’s first ever snowfall, a beautiful and lucky coincidence. This engagement photography session was scheduled months in advance, when our bride had mentioned how much she was hoping it would snow. She got her wish! We made tracks all over town making the most of this serenely perfect snowfall.

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Aaron Spagnolo About

When working in the city, you lose the grand vistas, the mountains, any real sense of isolation. What you do gain, especially in Boston, are the landmarks, and some unique wedding photography opportunities. This particular composition presented itself outside The New England Aquarium. Rescued harbor seals are on display, offering the opportunity to work with some unusual photo bombers. The couple, Marina and Yosef, went to law school in Boston but currently reside in LA. They snuck back for an engagement session in a city they love, ahead of their big day back out west.

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Aaron Spagnolo About

This couple eloped in the woods on a windy and misty New England day in late autumn. Their vows were heartfelt, and their laughs and tears of joy were many. They simply wanted to enjoy each other’s company and have fun with some photography. They brought balloons and jumped around out of pure joy, while the photographer lay down on the cold wet ground to aid the perspective of the shot.

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