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Abhradeep Dutta

Studio: The Dream Tellers

Raipur (India)

Established in 2016 The Dream Tellers is the Firm Name owned by Abhradeep Dutta

We at The Dream Tellers believe that Photography is not only about presentation, its about bringing out the expression & capturing the essence of each moment. Art is for everyone and that is why we have Creative Concepts Customised for every occasion.

While Candid Wedding Photography and Bridal is our Forte, we lend each clicks-happy charm for moment like - Save The Date, Engagement, Pre & Post Wedding, Traditional Videos and Photography, Cinematic Videos, Episodes and Funny Videos, Helicam & Drone Photography, Cinemagraph & Customized Album too.

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Abhradeep Dutta About

50 collection

Abhradeep Dutta About

49 collection

Abhradeep Dutta About

49 collection

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