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Angelina Minger

Studio: Angelina M Photography

Philadelphia (United States)

I am so proud to say that I am a Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer. One of the things I love most about what I do is capturing that perfectly genuine moment, those in-between, from-the-heart moments where your soul comes peeking through. My style can be considered photojournalistic or documentary and natural with a slightly modern twist.

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Angelina Minger About

This photo was taken at a destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico at the Villa del Palmar. There was this amazing dock extending out into the ocean that I knew I wanted to incorporate into their wedding portraits somehow. The entire day, I had this vision of them standing at the very end with a colorful sunset sky. By the time we got around to take this specific shot though, the sunset was almost completely gone, except for this beautiful pink hue, which we luckily captured. The wind was steadily blowing so I asked her to pick up her dress and when she let go, it almost looked like she was flying.

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Angelina Minger About

Christina and Andrew were married at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia. But this was the exact spot that Andrew asked Christina to marry him - at the Water Works. I knew I had to make this photo memorable for them. It had rained for 6 straight days before this and thankfully the sun came out during beautiful golden hour to give us this incredible sun flare during a sweet and intimate kiss.

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