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Arvid De Windt

Studio: ARV & MAYK

Utrecht (Netherlands)

As a specialized Wedding Photographer at Castles and Mansions in The Netherlands we love to capture love. Especially when we can combine the authentic story of a beautiful Castle or Mansion with the couples story.

Together with my wife we make the Wedding Day the "Best Day Ever". High service combined with a lots of fun.

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Arvid De Windt About

This castle is the one closest to our home, a few weeks earlier we made about the same photo as this one. But unfortunately this didn't worked out due to a terrible rain storm came up to us. So we practiced this photo and loves how this one get out the camera.

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Arvid De Windt About

This couple shared my dream to do an incredible Loveshoot at the Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland near Dornie. As specialized Wedding Photographer we only shoot weddings at old castles and mansions so we totally love this 13th century castle.
This photos was made nearly at midnight in June in the twilight. Luckily we were able to enter the property of the castle. We kept in contact with our cellphones and were able to position them perfect in the spotlight. This light was a true attraction for all the mosquitos in the neighborhood, the bride to be was covered with a grand total of 50 mosquito bites.

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