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Aleksandr Balakin

Studio: Balakinphoto

Moscow (Russia)

I`m a professional wedding photographer and i`m making time machines. They are only 10x15cm, but can take you to your wedding day as many times as you want!

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Aleksandr Balakin About

I`m sure there are those moments when you don`t need nothing and nobody except each other. When time slows down and all your thoughts and worries just go far far away. You don`t feel anything except love. This moment is endless, but very subtle and fleeting at the same time. It is good opportunity for me as a photographer to capture those moments and save them for my couples. It`s such a great honour for me to make something immortal. Thats the reason for this shot and all of my shots was taken or will be taken in future.

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Aleksandr Balakin About

Crazy loving couple Anastasia and Anatoly turned on "Lazy Sunday Mode". Nothing but laugh, hugs and kisses - thats the right way to spend an overcast morning!

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