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Benjamin Deibert

Philadelphia (United States)

I grew up in Lancaster, PA and moved to NYC for college, where I stayed for over 15 years! Now living in Philadephia, I benefit from all the great aspects of a big city, with the friendliness of a small town.

My approach is a blend of documentary-style and of course, the posed photos. I seek out all the candid moments, the little things, the emotions of your special day, and most importantly, the love amongst people.

I know how magical and memorable these moments are for couples celebrating the biggest day of their lives. I know they don't see everything: and that they don't get a second chance. So I'm their eyes, capturing these moments for them to cherish forever. I love to get to know my clients and make sure the final images reflects their unique love.

minimum price 250 $ for 3 hours of work
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Benjamin Deibert About

During the first wedding of the 2018 season, we were blessed with really beautiful weather all day long. As the skies turned dark, so did the weather and the rain starting pouring hard. I noticed a nice photo op spot not far from the building where the reception was happening, and asked the bride and groom if they were up for a night portrait, and they obliged. Once the rain moved from pouring to a small drizzle, we stepped outside to capture this beautiful moment, which our bride now calls her "Disney Princess picture"!

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Benjamin Deibert About

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