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Benn Brown

Brisbane (Australia)
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This photograph was taken in Mareeba, at a beautiful venue called Ringers Rest. We had some of the most beautiful light I’d seen all year and I was really excited by all the colours on show! The golden grass was perfectly set off by the dark, dramatic clouds. I visualised our couple walking through the landscape hand in hand, but wanted to shoot from up high. It was a pretty flat landscape, so after a bit of searching, I was lucky enough to find a big pile of earth handy to scramble up to frame them at a unique angle

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Benn Brown About

This image was literally the last photo of the location shoot and taken on the hottest day in Darwin since 1944! Tropical Darwin indeed! We were at Mindl Beach, on top of a sand dune. I don't know what it is about the Top End of Australia, but everything just seems bigger! All I could see was a huge sun, big skies and the feeling of space, so in my mind, I could see a silhouette shot as the perfect close to their location shoot. We kept it really natural, and one thing you can't see in the photo but they were completely surrounded by dragonflies. It was magical!

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