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Brianna Worden

Vancouver (Canada)

Meet the photographer, Brianna Michelle Worden. Vancouver, WA based, specializing in creative documentary photography and catering to couples and families in the greater Portland metro area.

Brianna is best known for her bubbly personality, passionate spirit and authentic style. She strives to elegantly capture the moments and emotions that make your story special.

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Brianna Worden About

This couple's special day was a lovely, intimate backyard wedding at the Bride's family home in Battle Ground, Washington. Wildfires in other parts of the state had covered the sky in a thick blanket of smoke creating an all day golden hour and the perfect scene for this sweet garden bride and groom session. Special thanks to this awesome couple for allowing me to capture their big day!

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Brianna Worden About

This photo was taken in Pearson Field at the Fort Vancouver National Site. This was one of the few days we got rain this past summer, it had rained on and off all the way through the afternoon but we got lucky and the rain broke just after the ceremony. With the rest of the evening dry we were able to sneak off from the reception for a romantic sunset session and the earlier ran gave us the beautiful moody sky.

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Brianna Worden About

This beautiful wedding took place in mid July; the weather had been unseasonably nice and no one expected anything other than sunshine but mother nature had other plans. The rain forced their ceremony indoors but this awesome couple wasn't going to let it stop us from heading to The Vista House in the Columbia River Gorge for sunset photos. We were fortunate enough to get a break in the rain and all though the sunset was a little lackluster, the sky was dark and moody and allowed us to get this shot. The unexpected weather made all the difference in the world and I am extremely pleased with the results!

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