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Brad Nyberg

Studio: 85mm Photography

Minneapolis (United States)

85mm Photography is a Minneapolis, MN based wedding photography company.

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We left the venue to take a few more photos with the couple. When we walked outside we saw the beautiful golden sun just setting over the hill, and knew it was a perfect time and location for photos there.

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Brad Nyberg About

I wanted to do something less formal for the bridal party photos, so I asked the groom if he was willing to jump off the bench. The groom was very excited to show everyone his jumping skills. He attempted the jump many times until he felt it was perfect.

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Brad Nyberg About

This church was a little slice of the 1980s located in the woods in a big city. All the photos on the wall, the green carpeting, and wood paneling brought me back in time. The glass table in the front lobby of the church made this reflection possible.

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Brad Nyberg About

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Brad Nyberg About

I was hired at the last minute to provide some additional reception coverage for this beautiful Ethiopian wedding. The bride and groom arrived in this stunning Rolls Royce, and I had only a few minutes to work with them before they entered the reception.
This shot was taken with available light, with the exception that the bride was lit by my iPhone flashlight to balance the exposure.

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