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Sonal Dalmia

Studio: Clicksunlimited Photography

Mumbai (India)

Established in 2012 Clicksunlimited is a Photography firm founded by Sonal Dalmia.

We at Clicksunlimited believe that Photography is not only about presentation, its about bringing out the expression & capturing the essence of each moment. Art is for everyone and that is why we have Creative Concepts Customised for every occasion.
While Candid Wedding Photography and Bridal is our Forte, we lend each clicks-happy charm for moment like - Save The Date, Engagement, Pre & Post Wedding, Traditional Videos and Photography, Cinematic Videos, Episodes and Funny Videos, Helicam & Drone Photography, Cinemagraph & Customized Album too.

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Sonal Dalmia About

In the beautiful midst of morning dewdrops, falling, like stars filling the dark trees that one could easily imagine its reason for being was nothing more than prettiness. Capturing this beauty with our lovely couple in it was like a treat.

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Sonal Dalmia About

Love is such beautiful chaos. We wanted to capture the beautiful couple's chemistry through the chaos around them. We were very happy to see how the picture turned out.

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Sonal Dalmia About

Rings,the worlds smallest handcuffs.
The Silky Affair.Prewedding shot in India. We were very much inspired with Bollywood and so we decided to make this pre wedding look more dramatic.

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Sonal Dalmia About

Having an awesome time together!
The photograph feels so heart felt as if it speaks love and there is no greater joy than feeling the joy of togetherness.

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Sonal Dalmia About

Silhouette photography is a wonderful way to convey drama mystery emotions and mood in a picture. The beautiful scenic beauty is to die for. Definitely, it was a mystical evening in Jaisalmer.

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