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Clio Psaraki

Studio: Clio Photography

Athens (Greece)

To be a photographer is to capture reality with love, simplicity, authenticity and respect.

I love to create images that stimulate your feelings or your mind...

Inspired by the moment, chasing the light, visualising the final picture and... CLICK! That's all...

Let's begin your magical journey to my world of photography!

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Clio Psaraki About

There are those little magic moments that make all the big difference. This old lady came close to the couple to throw some rice on them. The sparkle in her eyes, the joy spread on her face, the wishes coming out of her mouth, she makes this photo double worthwhile!

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Clio Psaraki About

Inspiration is what makes us keep going.
During this magnificent after-wedding photoshoot, the couple asked me to use some props they had brought with them, including having a glass of champagne. The problem was they couldn't open the champagne bottle... When you have to think fast, that's the most creative moment! I looked at the sky and told them: don't worry, no one is going to look if the glasses are full or empty!
Thank you K+F for this exceptional image! And thank you WedAward for this valuable award!

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