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Yale Bernadotte

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Life is an adventure with so many stories to be lived and told. My passion is telling those stories through my images. I bring to life what I see and feel and pass it along to all those who come across my work. Weddings are full of so much emotion and my goal, my wish, is to capture the true beauty and feeling of every moment so that it's relived forever.

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We climbed to the top of a rooftop in downtown Minneapolis. The hard part was not getting totally filthy as well, it was a rooftop. Needless to say that while the shot was great I trashed a pair of pants, haha. Worth it!

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My schedule was booked so when the time came for their engagement session, and it was totally pouring outside, we had one of two options. 1. Do no engagement session. or 2. Embrace the rain and go for it.

It just so happened that we were doing the shoot by a dock AND she was in blue, he was in a white shirt. This shot was never intended but when I was editing I looked at it and said, "Wow, it's The Notebook!"

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At the end of an engagement session a couple goes "Hey, can you take a picture of us in our pickup?" Little did I know that by "pickup" they meant a very cool classic! Put a little flash in the cab and voila. Magic!

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About a block away from the venue there was this little bridge we had used earlier that day. My mind kept thinking of having the couple sitting on it later. There was a small glow in the background coming from an alley bar light. I grabbed some twinkle lights and strung them around the couple. Loved the intimacy captured.

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We decided to their engagement session around Boulder, Co. I mean, it is an incredibly beautiful area. We found a great place for some hiking and upon finding this outlook, I told them to go towards the edge but STAY SAFE. Well, as safe as possible, haha. It was all amazing!

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When the bride weighs a mere 100lbs she can easily fly like a bird! Is that a forced smile or "Oh #@!"??? Haha. Either way, it was such an amazing day.

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There is something magical about the north shore of Lake Superior in the winter. It's so cold that everything looks like crystal. Nothing stopped the bride from doing her part in helping to make some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

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The sun was almost gone on the other side of the bay as I had these two walk out on the pier and share a soft, quiet moment together.
I loved the way she looked at him all day. Pure love.

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End of the night.
All of the guests had left and these two were able to enjoy a quiet time all alone.
I was standing outside in the rain and loved the tender moment captured here.

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