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Eleftherios Antoniades

Studio: Eleftherios Antoniades

Athens (Greece)

Wedding Destination Photographer. Based in Greece, but travel the world | I just love taking pictures the best out of you!

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Eleftherios Antoniades About

Fortunately, curiosity didn't do any harm to this amazing wedding dress!
A beautiful capture at bride's house & her wedding preps.
Location: Athens, Greece

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Eleftherios Antoniades About

"Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet " is the title given to this amazing capture, by the bride herself.
Couldn't agree more!
Wedding Next Day Location shooting @ the beautiful Saronic Island of Aegina, Greece

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Eleftherios Antoniades About

Greece has countless hidden paradises for photography.
This old & abandoned train station, close to Nafplio city is one of them.
This amazing location was ideal, as the last day of a beautiful wedding, for this lovely couple!

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