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Helen Navajas

Volendam (Netherlands)

My style is to capture spontaneous moments, emotions, details, fun and happiness, looking for an artistic approach instead of traditional posed photos. People are unique and they like to be treated as such.

At the core of my work you will find personalization, story-telling artistic photos, which captured the beauty of real life.

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Helen Navajas About

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Helen Navajas About

Rose & Jeroen are two special people who you will be blessed to meet! Two happy hearts! At the horizon a beautiful sun, a kiss and the image which represents a begging of a whole new step in life.

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Helen Navajas About

Look at the horizon! So much has passed, so much yet to come...
Under a blue sky, a bride who walks in a path, two lines. For me, the photo has a deep meaning, a silent introspection, a beautiful desire for the unknown.
Marken, The Nederlands - 2016

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