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Helen Navajas

Studio: Helen Navajas Fine Art

Volendam (Netherlands)

I'm a full-time wedding photographer based in a charming town in Noord-Holland called Volendam.

I've been a photographer since 2005. My images have a message, and love stories are my thing! I'm devoted to my art - but I value your experience above all. I aim to capture that which endures, always in search to balance the curated with the raw, and the composed with the real.

Each wedding day is a love unique story, where two people commune their dearest love for each other and commit their lives together while surrounded by those closest to them.

You're searching for photography with meaning, images that capture you at your best, and I am too. I am eager to being your guide, as we join together to create timeless, artistic valuables for you and the people you love.

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Helen Navajas About

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Helen Navajas About

40 collection

Helen Navajas About

I am honoured when invited to register every unique story and I try to do something new every single time.

Corina and Dave were no exception! I love playing with reflections and its my way to represent how life is just a matter of perspective. It was a beautiful wedding, from their preparation to the end. It was amazing to see their family sharing tears and embracing each other in love. I am blessed with each couple's trust in my work and their willingness to share their stories with me.

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Helen Navajas About

Wedding preparation are so dear to me. Specially with such sweet bride! I love the drama and the darkness in contrast with the white dress, and it represents the waiting, a long waiting for this special day.

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Helen Navajas About

Rose & Jeroen are two special people who you will be blessed to meet! Two happy hearts! At the horizon a beautiful sun, a kiss and the image which represents a begging of a whole new step in life.

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Helen Navajas About

Look at the horizon! So much has passed, so much yet to come...
Under a blue sky, a bride who walks in a path, two lines. For me, the photo has a deep meaning, a silent introspection, a beautiful desire for the unknown.
Marken, The Nederlands - 2016

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