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Janelle Dudzic

Studio: Janelle Dudzic Photography

Edmonton (Canada)

I’m a wedding photographer because I love sharing in and capturing memories. Yes I will get emotional on your wedding day, I will probably cry at your ceremony and your first dance. I capture your day as a story, one that you can share with your family for years and years.

At a job interview I once described myself as a photography ninja; I was hired. I love writing short dramatic sentences. Also love Nutella. I capture the nitty gritty. The authentic moments. My approach is modern in style and I’m slightly obsessed with negative space. I focus on the candid moments during all of my sessions. I don’t believe in perfection, but I do believe in embracing the imperfections that make us unique. I’m in love with my best friend. And the colours orange and blue.

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Janelle Dudzic About

How many people can you fit underneath a veil? In this instance 4: a stunning bride and groom, the photographer, and a maid of honour literally holding down the "fort." We were doing bridal portraits when Terren's veil took off in the wind. I pulled it over her and we invited Sheldon in for a quick cuddle. They fell into this moment naturally.

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