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Joe Chong

Adelaide (Australia)

Years ago, my wife Vivian gave me a DSLR camera as a birthday gift. Photography quickly became a passionate artistic pursuit outside of my work as an architect and an illustrator. I loved being able to freeze moments in life as seen through my eyes, and to relive those moments with beautiful still images.

I will never forget the first wedding I shot. It was my best friend's wedding. Sometime during that day, I realized I was not just taking pictures - I was telling the story of the day they got married, and I fell in love with the job.

Today we have a photography company running since 2009.


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This is one of my favourite autumn pictures. It was taken at the Adelaide Hills Botanic Gardens, with the most breathtaking autumn scenery. It was great to have such a fun and lovely couple, Andrea and Rob, to help us capture this gorgeous landscape portrait!

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