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John Edgard

Studio: John Edgard

São Paulo (Brazil)

When you hire a photographer, you actually seek to perpetuate that moment that passes so quickly: the anxiety of the beginning of the ceremony, the joy and excitement of the parents, the gaze of the groom as he watches the bride float to the altar ... the joy of Debutante to see the decoration of the party so expected, the emotion of the father when dancing with his beautiful daughter, the companionship and the joy of the 15 couples ... That is why the photography is something subjective, but challenging. There are no ready-made formulas, since recipes for the same photos do not work when what we sell is a plot that has not yet been written, but will be recorded in the most intense, like everything that will happen on that day with emotion, life and poetry. Is to capture every moment, and to make every moment a way to relive the day so dreamed. I hope to have the opportunity to experience and eternalize many moments, giving my clients a photograph with poetry.

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