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Josh Bennett

Nashville (United States)

I am a wedding photographer based in Nashville, TN but I love to travel! I enjoy exploring new locations and finding that unique shot that will make an awesome piece of art for my clients. I love dramatic wide shots of scenery with my couples framed in it. Thanks to Instagram I have had the honor of traveling all over the country and meeting many wonderful couples.

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Josh Bennett About

This bridal photo was taken downtown Nashville, TN on the pedestrian bridge. I have known Cayla, the bride-to-be, for many years so I knew she would be up for anything. We actually had her hanging off a train boxcar at one point. This photo was one of the last shots we took during the session. I save dramatic lighting shots like this for last for a few reasons but mainly because I like the lighting better during the last moments before the sun goes down. I have taken photos similar to this one on the bridge but I never walked far away from the subject to get an extreme wide shot of it. Most of the time this bridge has so many people on it that it would be difficult to get. This time, there was a window of opportunity and I took it. I knew I was going to have to edit out the strobe and stand from this photo later but I love how it turned out.

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