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Kartik Jasti

Studio: KJ PhotoWorks

New Delhi (India)

Hi! My name is Kartik Jasti and I’m a destination wedding photographer from New Delhi, India.

Just like a fine painting, I believe, a fine photographic image can portray a character or preserve a moment, a mood, a time, a place… held in memory, kept forever fresh when created with imagination and sensitivity. The result is a poignant and candid reflection of life as it is, as it was, and as one would like to remember.

One of the main reasons I was drawn to wedding photography is because I love to photograph people – the uniqueness and unpredictability of photographing people, is just amazingly exciting for me, and there’s no event like a wedding for having so many different elements of human interaction.

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Kartik Jasti About

"Vidaai" (Bride's Farewell), is probably one of the most emotional stages of any Hindu wedding where a bride is given a handful of rice to throw from over her head as she leaves her parents behind. In Hindu religion, as Rice is considered a symbol of prosperity, it's a way for her to convey prosperity to her maternal home as she departs to begin a new chapter in her life.

While this whole ritual does not take more than 2 minutes to get over, it's usually a challenge to capture the whole drama with people surrounding the bride most of the time filling her with unwarranted shadows. But call me lucky, everything just fell into place so perfectly for me to get this shot right! I understood the path they were taking to make the exit and took up a spot where I saw that lights situated on the banquet hall would make for perfect rim lights (which helped me capture those rice granules so well) and the lamp post behind me had just the right amount of height to illuminate all the faces without casting any unwanted shadows.

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