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Patrick Mateer

Studio: M and G Photographic

Hull (United Kingdom)

Natural wedding photographer from the UK, working as lead photographer for M and G Photographic.

M and G Photographic are an award winning Yorkshire Wedding Photography company.

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Patrick Mateer About

Towards the end of Joanna and Steven's wedding speeches, we noticed a beautiful sunset slowly turning the sky a deep red and purple. After the speeches finished, we asked if they wanted to grab a few photos as the sun set - Joanna and Steven jumped at the opportunity! By the time we got outside, the sun had nearly set completely, without hesitation, Joanna and Steven began to run up a steep hill towards the horizon - Joanna was unfazed by her heels! They reached the top with only a few minutes to spare. I grabbed this shot just as the light disappeared and it is, without doubt, the most spectacular sunset I've ever seen (not just photographed!) Patrick

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Patrick Mateer About

Sarah and Jon had just been married and exited the church to a shower of bubbles (rather than confetti!) At the end of the path, their dogs were waiting. Sarah and Jon's reaction was such a beautiful and happy moment to capture.

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