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Mark Veran

Calgary (Canada)

I’m a Wedding/Portrait photographer based in Calgary, Alberta

I started my inclination to photography in 2008, capturing landscapes and architectures. When I came to Canada in 2012, I had the chance to study photography and on that same year I was asked to shoot a wedding. That venture made me fall in love with wedding photography, having that tremendous experience capturing a significant event of people full of intense emotions

I believe that everyone has a story and these stories are created through moments, details, love and emotions. Your special day will come and go but your story will live on through captured memories

My style favors more on lifestyle/contemporary and fine art wedding photography creating a story that will last forever...

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Mark Veran About

This is why I love to shoot weddings, you can see and feel the intense emotions of two individuals. The photo signified a bond between the two as the veil covers them in a mantle of love.

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Mark Veran About

The shoot was initially planned to be at Emerald Lake couple of months prior, as the saying goes “Alberta weather is very erratic at times that you can experience four seasons in one day”. True enough a day before our shoot a forecast confirmed it's going to snow on our choice of location. So, we ended up going to Banff and decided to do our shoot at Lake Minnewanka. Sometimes things don’t go on our way but we embraced it as a challenge and came up with our proper vision and creative execution. I don’t take anything for granted that’s why I am truly overwhelmed to execute photoshoots like this.

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