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Michael Meeks


Indianapolis (United States)

I find that people are either really drawn to my work or they are turned off by it. I experiment a lot. I take chances with my photography. My clients expect to spend time on their photography the day of their wedding. It's not the most important thing, by any means, but it is part of the story. Although I do shoot in a way that reflects the day as it unfolds, I am not a fly on the wall. I am wherever I need to be to capture the story and sometimes that's in your face on the dance floor or lurking around during a private moment between friends. Please take a look at the stories section of the website and make sure that my style of photography is what you want on your wedding day. It's not all "artsy" portraits with great backgrounds. It's blood sweat and tears. Actually, I don't think there's ever been any blood :)

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This shot was taken during their engagement session in Radiator Springs, at Disney's California Adventure, in Southern California. Their wedding was last December, in Florida, and was just as wonderful.

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